split w/ Glocca Morra

by summer vacation




released November 19, 2013

Recorded at Mix LA with Andrew Schubert
(Like what you hear? Record with Andrew at Golden Beat: www.facebook.com/goldenbeatrecordingstudio/)
SV: Mark, Sean, Matt, Aaron



all rights reserved


summer vacation San Gabriel, California

Mark, Aaron, Sean, Matt.

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Track Name: Boycott Will Smith
starting to feel the burn, are you still hanging around?
you use indescribable words but i'm still hanging around
you use me for some sick pleasure. i don't mind
misuse me, abuse me
and lose like a rusty set of keys
in some dirty cushion crevice
i've been long forgotten
catologued to fade away
unnoticed in the clutter
i love you, please stay and hang around
i don't want to hesitate anymore
is this my only chance to feel
some sort of stimulated dissection?
when you look at me i know what you're thinking
your eyes burn through these walls that i hide behind
please just kill me, please just fuck off.
Track Name: Secret Shopper
He wants your attention.
You're giving false dimensions.
I never want to be here when you're home.
Been looking through you.
I don't want to be you.
Waking only to hear you leave.

All the time you spend counting down yellow lines.
Reciting all your bitter storylines.

Don't want to live forever.
Y'know I can't remember.
Everyone I've been in my past lives.

Everybody wants to be somebody else,
but nobody has the time or ability to figure out.
If the price you pay is the price to live without.

Don't want to live forever.
Y'know I can't remember.
If the past is worth the price of twice the effort.
She said "No living twice, no afterlife"

All the time we spend bickering 'bout our lies.
Wondering if these mistakes were in our past lives.
Track Name: It's My Birthday
i heard today a rumor about myself i didn't want to know
i walked a little faster out of the room,
down the hall and up the steps
beyond the stretch of a reach of an earshot
on repeat, playing in my head
i want to see a ghost
i want to feel that tingle in the back of my neck
back to zero. back to start and finish
i'm not feeling the fire
counted down from ten, tried to walk it out
am i your x-ray?
i'm not feeling the fire
not feeling the touch, not burning enough
gotta move on, gotta relate
i'm not okay, i'm not your x-ray
i'm not x-ray-x, i'm not your pet
i'm not waiting for you
i'm not waiting on you
i'm not your x-ray, i'm not your closet door