Angry at the World

by summer vacation



Recorded by Alex Estrada at Earth Capital
SV: Mark, Sean, Aaron


released March 1, 2010



all rights reserved


summer vacation San Gabriel, California

Mark, Aaron, Sean, Matt.

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Track Name: Anual
the questions are hard. i don't think the end will ever come for me. knocking on the door. i won't be afraid. the night is out to get me so i try to stay in the sun. please don't ever leave me alone. life is such a great big joke to me. it's all a mystery to me. and time slowly persists and before you know it, you start running out. you start growing out. you start wearing out. you start forgetting all the wonders of your life. i don't want to forget you. it's happening right before my eyes. to me and you. oh my, oh my.
Track Name: Powerlines
i see the world grow up and down but all i like to think about is this insignificant town. there's a lot people in different places but all i like to think about are these few faces. in my memory which hasn't seen the powerlines come down in long long time. i know we will have to go. it's all a dream within a dream grains of sand slipping from our hands. where they go, i don't know.
Track Name: It's Cool like a Fool in a Swimming Pool
i woke up early from my bed. i try to get a good start to get ahead. i put on clothes i found on the floor. i don't even shower anymore. i grabbed my keys, went out the door. i wonder why i don't like hardcore anymore. i walked to an abandoned parking lot. i really like pot. can't you see? you're killing me, mary. we can't be together anymore.
Track Name: Skin & Bones
And i remembered that you're not coming home and i was to be, on my own, and i was to be all alone. And i remembered there's no food in the fridge and I'm gonna starve, skin and bones, and i'm gonna be on my own. I don't know if I can make it without your help. i dont know how to do it without anybody else. And everything i remembered
is all gone from my preschool, to my grandpa, and the little dog who used to shit on my lawn. everything pasts (every thing's gonna be okay)
Track Name: I Don't Know
one is lost. out of two. it's all a blank. there's no use in trying. it could've been any time of day. there's no way of knowing. nothing is for certain. as i wait in silence on these dusty steps. i cringe, "oh". our names carved in wood on the floor of the porch. makes me go...numb in my fingertips, angry at the world. why should i die? why should it stay? why should anyone feel that way?
Track Name: Sex Cells
so i see you're still here. 1,000 reasons won't change your mind. i'm latched down to my seat and she's on her knees. you're in a trance, can't break your stare. your heart is empty but a flame still burns. you wait in silent anticipation. all praise the joys of masturbation. everyone likes to be a critic. we all love to watch each other fall. there's no more drum circle or kumbuya. you're on your own. we live in a cold world. give up the gold for a prophecy. the door is open just for you. you're free to leave it all to me. so i blame society. i'm a freak according to love one thing and hate the other. i can't help but blame society. sex sells!!!